Madame President-Hoffman

Welcoming Smiles…President Marian Duntley and Dale Hoffman. Dale’s ever hard working wife Marilyn rode the first bus.

BRAVO to Philharmonic Friends Chairs, Karen Gottlieb and Judy Shaffer! Their hard work and dedication resulted in PCLAP member donations exceeding our $30,000 goal, and thus a happy group of music lovers was rewarded with a quintessential Southern California evening of Mozart Masterpieces at the Hollywood Bowl.
The FIRST MOVEMENT of the evening was a smooth bus ride to the Bowl.

Bus-Lois-Jim Moore

Past President Lois Moore, and husband Jim…ALWAYS ready to help, this time passing out appetizers en route to the Bowl.

Sara Jane and George

Handsome Guests Sara Jane and George Bettge

Hoffman Guests-Corrigan

The SECOND MOVEMENT consisted of dinner al fresco at the picnic area of the Volunteer Cottage, looking welcoming and summer-sweet. The picnic tables were covered in periwinkle blue cloths featuring whimsical glass jars of assorted jellybeans tagged with a message of thanks for our contributions on behalf of Friends of the LA Philharmonic.

The THIRD MOVEMENT was provided by a stellar chamber orchestration delegation from the Los Angeles Philharmonic, which played “crisply and alertly at all times.”  Conductor Nicholas McGegan and pianist Inon Barnaton wrought ‘Mozart Magic’ together.

CODA:   MUCH GRATITUDE to our incomparable President, Marian Duntley, who expertly wielded the event’s ‘organizational and logistic batons.’  With her usual unflappable calm and grace, she successfully checked all of us on to the buses, directed our group to the Volunteer Cottage upon arrival, and finally back to the buses for the return home.  Many thanks as well to the ever hardworking, generous Marilyn Hoffman, who arranged for the buses and boxed suppers.

Happy Campers-2

Music brings the NICEST people together!

Jelly Beans

Cute Karen

Smile-of-the-Evening Award to Karen Tozer!

Joan Davidson and Guests

Joan and Keith Davidson and Family

Tobiases and Karen Gottlieb

Toby and Mardi Tobias, and Philharmonic Friends Chair Karen Gottlieb

The Bowl

A Musical Jewel in the Crown of Los Angeles!

Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out!

Tami and Linda

Tamara Kolodny and Linda Whitson

A SMASHING June Salon!

Two Dazzling Chairs-and Friends!




Posted by Sally Varricchione

Article and Photos by Sally Varricchione

“Oh What a Night” at the California Museum of Fine Art in Old Downtown Torrance, the sophisticated venue of the June Salon!  No ‘June Gloom’ here as PCLAP members and their guests enjoyed a dazzling duo piano performance by artists Mona Wu DeCesare and Edward Francis.  Seated on two benches positioned in front of a beautiful Steinway grand piano, these consummate musicians enchanted and dazzled their audience with classical pieces by Gabrile Faure and Franz Schubert, as well as three ‘toe-tappin’ Rags by Scott Joplin.  Their grand finale, “Dizzy Fingers”, exhorted gasps and cheers from a ‘dizzied’ audience.

Vice-President, Hospitality Chair Claudia Grzywacz and Vice-Chair Wanda Dalcin deserve hearty BRAVI for stepping ‘outside the Salon Box’ and planning an innovative evening program presented at a unique and beautiful South Bay art gallery.  Dali and Brian Higa, owners of the gallery, were warmly welcoming and gracious hosts.

l-r Brian Higerian, Marge Schmit, Marion Ruth, Dali Higerian

l-r Brian Higa, Marge Schmit, Marion Ruth, Dali Higa

Pianists Edward Francis and Mona Wu DeCesare

Pianists Edward Francis and Mona Wu DeCesare


Featured Gallery Sculpture

Featured Gallery Sculpture

PCLAP members and their guests checked in, and were invited to enjoy a sumptuous pre-concert repast, enhanced by pourings of “happiness” by genial ‘bartrendesses’ Ginny Erxleben and Provisional Linda Whitson.

Checking In...

Provisionals Carla Farrell, Cheryl Litrenta, and Chair Wanda Dalcin warmly greeted members and guests.


Dispensers of "Happiness."

Dispensers of “Happiness”, Linda and Virginia.

Long-Time, ‘Super Star’ Members and Supporters of the Peninsula Committee Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra enjoy a STELLAR Evening!

Vice-President, Programs, Darlene Vlasek and husband Jim

Vice-President, Programs, Darlene Vlasek and husband Jim










Ann Carley ('Pretty in Pink', Husband Jim, Winnie Martin, and Kathy Keller

Ann Carley (‘Pretty in Pink’!), Husband Jim, Winnie Martin, and Kathy Keller.

Marian-Jane-Ann Marinovich-Linda Whitson

Grand Salon Auction Chair, Marian Hall, Jane Beseda, Ann Marinovich, Linda Whitson


Lou-Ellen Moses-Joyce Fein-Claudia-Jane Beseda

‘Lucky Lou’ Varricchione standing with Lovely Ladies Ellen Moses, Joyce Fein, Vice President, Hospitality Claudia Grzywacz (Fedora Fashionista!), and Jane Beseda












Enjoying pre-concert moments are Professional Member Kristen Hetzer, Pianist Edward Francis, stylin’ a red shirt and musical tie, his wife Barbara, and friend Li. Barbara and Li had come from Pasadena to attend our event. And aren’t the paintings striking?