LA Phil Affiliate Video

Music Fair JesterA new video celebrates the critical work done by the volunteers of the Affiliate Committees of the LA Philharmonic.  A big Thank You! to Ann Ehrenclou, Sheri Gill, and Alicia Maniatakis for your outstanding job of representing the Peninsula Committee in the video.  Watch it here.

This caption on the Phil’s website is a beautiful description of the impact we have when we give of our time and energy.

Volunteering at the Los Angeles Philharmonic is a meaningful and significant form of philanthropy. Giving your time and sharing your passion demonstrate an invaluable expression of support for the LA Phil.

Your involvement allows you to make a profound impact on your community. By participating in any of the LA Phil’s volunteer opportunities, you help the institution sustain the music and support the essential education and community programs that heighten the cultural vitality of our city.

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  1. “Watch it here”. Takes me to lots of other and confusing places. I want a direct link so I can send it to potential new P. V committee members. Beth

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