Vangie Published Her Second Book!

With a twinkle in her eye, Vangie gets an idea for her next story.

With a twinkle in her eye, Vangie gets an idea for her next story.

Storyteller, humorist, and PCLAP Parliamentarian, Vangie Maynard, has published her second book, The Rain Must Fall.  Based on a true family story, Vangie shows her versatility as an author with this sweeping tale of two sisters and their struggle to come-of-age in the rapidly changing, and sometimes darkly ominous, decades of the early 1900’s.  The opening paragraph sets the stage, introducing the first of many complex characters who inhabit a unique and detailed world where larger forces are at work.Rain Must Fall

My father, William Francis Doherty, stood quietly in the arched doorway, his swift glance sweeping the room.  The “Great Surgeon,” as some called him, stood virile and powerful.  A subdued ferocity lurked behind his cold eyes and he hesitated.  Then, for a brief second, his gaze rested on Mother and finally softened.”

The Rain Must Fall is available now in paperback at

Vangie’s first book, Mind Your Chopsticks:  Tales of An American Family Living Abroad, is written in her more familiar “chuckle a day” style.  It is the hilarious and touching account of her family’s nine-year tour living as expats in Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong.  With her droll sense of humor, Vangie recounts how they faced everyday life with an intrepid spirit of adventure and great love for the people and cultures of the countries where Paul’s rising career as a banker took them.

Mind Your ChopsticksMind Your Chopsticks is available now as an ebook on  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can read it on your Apple or Android device by downloading a free Kindle app from your app store.

In her spare time, Vangie is a regular contributor to the Daily Breeze “My Turn” column.  Her sense of humor is in full swing with classics such as “The best part of exercise class is the relaxing part at the end.”

You can find Vangie on Facebook as Evangeline Maynard, and follow her blog at  

Next time you see Vangie at a PCLAP activity, tell her “Thanks for making us laugh.”

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