September Salon Supplemental

We would like to recognize two additional guests who attended the Salon, and thank all who greeted them with a warm welcome:
Cheryl Litrenta, guest of Phyllis Sherwood
Kristin Hetzer, guest of Linda Gassett

Also, please enjoy this video of Andrew performing Koryo, his own composition, at the Salon.  Thanks to his father for recording the performance, and to Andrew for sharing it with us.

2 responses to “September Salon Supplemental

  1. We should recognize all the guests and thank those who invited them, don’t want anyone to feel left out!!! Linda Whitson was Malinda & Marilyn’s guest: Robbie Wells was referred from downtown as a Professional member, she belongs to Affiliates @ Large but lives in our area. Susie Collins, whom we are happy to have active again, brought three guests, Diane Lesser, Patricia Penney, and Diane Volpicelli and Joyce Fein brought Debbie Greene. I think you got Linda & Phyllis’s guests… Thanks, Alicia