Young Musicians Affirm a Bright Future for Peninsula Music at Botanic Garden

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The sun broke through gray skies as 75 extraordinary teen musicians gathered at Botanic Garden on October 21 and drew the curtain on a bright future for Peninsula music.  They lifted our hearts with joyful performances that revealed their love of music, and commitment to the study and practice essential to growing as artists.   To the gifted teachers have inspired them, “Bravo!”

Our volunteers worked their magic to infuse the merry spirit of Music Fair II into the stunning natural beauty of the garden.  Let’s recapture that warm glow through these photo memories.

4 responses to “Young Musicians Affirm a Bright Future for Peninsula Music at Botanic Garden

  1. Fabulous photos!! We could use some of these pictures in applying for grants to help support this unique event! Sheri

  2. All the work and meticulous planning was well rewarded with a great afternoon of great music. Many thanks to our terrific leaders, Marian and Jane and all who contributed time and talent.


  3. Congrats to Marian and her hard working team on the Botanic Garden Music
    Presentation of talented youth. What a beautiful display of youth and music .
    Good news for the whole South Bay musical future.

  4. Such a great afternoon of talents displayed! Thanks to all who created this wonderful opportunity for the community and our committee members to sample and savor the impressive musical genius of our dedicated South Bay youth. It was a great idea to have this event held on its on own turf and on its own time. Bravo!

    Marty Gamble