The Phantom

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Thanks to everyone who generously donated to help keep music programs in our schools.  The Phantom’s thank you celebration treated us to panoramic vistas, warm fellowship, and tasty bites at Linda Gassett’s stunning hilltop home.  And of course there was music.  We enjoyed the gentle guitar and vocals of high school student Shogo, one of the young artists supported by our school programs.  To all who contributed, “Well Done!”

“Tricks of the Trade” at Music Discovery

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“Tricks of the Trade – How They Do What They Do to Wow You!”  was the theme for this year’s Music Discovery  on June 3 at AMUSE.  “Bone” player Ben Devitt demonstrated the versatility and range of a bass trombone, if you get your embouchure right.  David Stanton gave us woodwind lessons, and wowed us with his prowess on clarinet.  Virtuosos Garik Terzian on cello and Ashoka Thiagarajan on violin thrilled us with the intricate sounds of strings in the hands of masters.  And the AMUSE Singers, directed by Deborah LaPuma, led the audience in a cappella voice lessons, starting with the “roller coaster” warm-up.

Many thanks to chairs Sandi and Lois, and the entire AMUSE team, for a playful Music Discovery journey.