Look Back — Move Forward

From Ann’s Notebook

Staying Power. That’s what makes the Peninsula Committee strong. If a person takes on a job, you can be sure it will be done and “done right.”   With 2012 marking my 36th year as a member, I have a lot to look back on. And when I ask, “What makes us a success?,” the answer is easy. “You do.“

In the 60 years since we were founded in 1952, a strong sense of mission and a spirit of creative invention have carried us forward — year after year. We face new challenges on the road ahead, but every era in our history brought the challenges of its own time. We met them with hope and adventure then, and so we will in the years to come. Our rich traditions give us a firm footing to reach even higher, and add layers of new thinking and experimentation to our well-tested repertoire.

Hence, our theme for this year: Look Back — Move Forward

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