Look Back — Move Forward

From Ann’s Notebook

Staying Power. That’s what makes the Peninsula Committee strong. If a person takes on a job, you can be sure it will be done and “done right.”   With 2012 marking my 36th year as a member, I have a lot to look back on. And when I ask, “What makes us a success?,” the answer is easy. “You do.“

In the 60 years since we were founded in 1952, a strong sense of mission and a spirit of creative invention have carried us forward — year after year. We face new challenges on the road ahead, but every era in our history brought the challenges of its own time. We met them with hope and adventure then, and so we will in the years to come. Our rich traditions give us a firm footing to reach even higher, and add layers of new thinking and experimentation to our well-tested repertoire.

Hence, our theme for this year: Look Back — Move Forward

Teamwork at Point Vicente

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Carol Hart led the team of Sharon Guthrie, Tricia Paulsen, Kay Magee, and Provisional Cheryl Graue in a smashing demonstration of Music Mobile excellence at Point Vicente Elementary, February 17.

The Magic of Music at Silver Spur

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Veteran Music Mobile docents Barbara Hart, Yvonne Tanelian, and Marian Duntley held the third graders at Silver Spur Elementary spellbound at the Demonstration session on February 15. New and returning docents were able to freshen their presentation skills, and get hands-on practice in the initial setup and stowing the van after the session. We have a busy season ahead with presentations every school-day through March 16.

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Music Mobile Orientation at AMUSE

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Chairs Deb Taylor and Karen Gottlieb, and Advisors Yvonne Tanelian and Marian Duntley, kicked off our 2012 Music Mobile season at AMUSE with a refresher course on “The Magic of Music.” Our curriculum holds a timeless fascination for third graders, many of whom are introduced to the concept of a symphony orchestra for the first time. And look at the men who turned out to volunteer! (L to R) Jim Beseda, Jim Duntley, Jim O’Donnell, Paul Maynard, and Dale Hoffman. Enjoy the slideshow.

Welcome to the new PCLAP website!

This website is still under construction, but we hope you enjoy previewing what it will look like as we develop it further.  Moving to the WordPress platform enabled us to obtain a more appropriate domain name for it, and to bring the administration of it in-house.  We will also be able to keep the content fresh, and notify you when there is a new post.

We hope you like the look of the page with its “Piano Black” theme.  In addition to the home page where you will find recent posts, you can also navigate to additional pages by clicking on links at the upper right entitled “About Us/Contact,” “Board” and “Calendar.”

Stand by for more information on our website in the coming weeks.

The New Music Fair arrives October 14th!

2011 Music Promenade-Chadwick School

On October 14,  the new 2012 Music Fair will arrive at a venue on the Peninsula.  Situated in beautiful and historic Palos Verdes, the event will feature youth and professional musicians.  Follow our website for more information in the coming months.

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