Creating a Vibrant Future – At 60!

Gustavo Dudamel

The Peninsula Committee will celebrate its 60th birthday in 2012, confident that a vibrant future lies ahead. Our membership is active and growing, and we are nurturing a robust music culture on the Peninsula where young musicians can hone their skills, and seasoned performers can share their talents with enthusiastic audiences.

Our day-long Music Promenade fundraiser on October 9 offered a wide reach to the community, with 3 events attended by over 750 people. Our main event offered diverse selections for every taste, ranging from classical music to lively ethnic pieces. Six high school jazz bands and a string quartet dazzled us with the talent of our teen musicians, and a Music Mobile display rounded out our emphasis on youth programs. We ended the day with an elegant tour of a music museum featuring automated musical instruments from 1820-1920.

The summer brought a change of pace and a chance to reflect on how far we’ve come and where we’re going. Our Summer Party in August was a time to enjoy each other’s fellowship, and honor our nine new members for the energy and creative ideas they have already infused into our Affiliate. August also brought the birth of our first Men’s Group. Our men have always been there for us, pitching in whenever there was work to be done, and sustaining us in achieving our mission. This new Auxiliary will give them well-deserved recognition and integrate them more fully into our activities. And, to insure that we listen to the voice of our active members, we issued an Interest Finder Survey where everyone could raise their hands for favorite jobs. With this foundation, we can strategically place our members in roles that will help us thrive next year…and for the next 60!

2 responses to “Creating a Vibrant Future – At 60!

  1. You’ve created a ‘masterpiece’, Jane. Kudos and many, many thanks. A techo-geek myself, I can appreciate and loudly applaud this outstanding presentation. We LA ‘Phillies’ are lucky to have you.
    Sally Varricchione
    P.S. I think that, ‘back in the day’, some members put on a skit or routine and called it “Philly Follies.’ Barbara Hart would probably know about this! :>)